Why Pet Friendly Restaurants in Key West, FL Are the Best When Visiting the Area

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Many people like their pets’ company when they travel or run local errands. Animals have a calming effect on their humans, and there is reassurance in never feeling like you are alone. This can be difficult if most of your establishments in town do not take pets on the premises. Old Town Mexican Café joined the trend of pet friendly restaurants in Key West, FL, and that adds to our distinct approach. Here are five reasons why this makes us unique:

  • Easier travel: If Key West is an intended travel spot as you explore Florida, bringing your dog can present challenges. You must plan stop points around which hotels and parks allow animals, and that often means lots of web research and calling ahead to assure your dog is just as welcome as you are. This is easier if you have more options. Our restaurant accommodates pets, and that makes it one place where you do not need to leave your dog in the car. You can sit on our porch, enjoy drinks and keep your dog at your side.
  • Safety: There is also a safety issue when a restaurant does not allow pets, but you still need to eat. Your choice is to remain hungry while searching for another spot, or leave animals in the car. That can be a poor choice on our warm days, because even with the windows open a crack, your animals could still suffer dehydration and heat stroke. When you can bring your pet to our restaurant, it eliminates that safety concern and allows them to enjoy the fresh air with you.
  • Emotional support animals welcome: Establishments are not allowed to inquire about service dogs when they are wearing their vests and other gear. Emotional support dogs are another trend that helps people with emotional or psychological conditions that, while they do not impair them to the point where they require a registered service animal, the presence of their dog still helps them. However, many places will not accept emotional support dogs, and that is acceptable under current laws. Since we are pet-friendly, there are no questions asked. Your emotional support dog is welcome!
  • Common interests: A pet-friendly restaurant is a great place to meet other pet owners and discuss your animals. You already share a common interest, and that supports interaction with other people in a day when Facebook and online messaging are more common. Even if you are traveling and your pets are home with a sitter, a pet-friendly restaurant is a great place to spend time with other animal lovers.
  • Reduced tension: The presence of animals produces a relaxed atmosphere for the people around them. Even during high-pressure time, our wait staff love the company of their four-footed customers. This contributes to the relaxed environment we prefer at our restaurant.

Old Town Mexican Café is among the pet friendly restaurants in Key West, FL. If you would like to bring your dog when you visit us to dine, we welcome you to do so!

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