Try These Six Mexican Desserts in Key West, FL!

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As Mexican bakeries open around the country, many people are learning to appreciate Mexican desserts in Key West, FL and beyond, including the ones we offer here. Old Town Mexican Café brings these traditions to you so you can enjoy the flavors and textures of these treats while also enjoying the unique touch we add to them. Here are six desserts to consider trying when you visit our restaurant:

  • Flan: A frequent favorite in many Mexican restaurants, this custard-based dessert offers a pastry or sponge base and sweet filling. While the dessert dates to Roman times, it became a staple in Spanish culture which eventually assimilated into Mexico. We offer a coconut flan to celebrate this traditional dessert with local flavor.
  • Key lime pie: This is not a Mexican dessert, but it is a local development! Key lime pie, as its name indicates, was developed in Key West in the early 20th It arose when fishermen wished for a dessert at sea but did not have access to an oven. There are few details on how this particular combination came about, but we know one thing for certain: this has remained a favorite in our area, even in modern times.
  • Chili brownies: A theme with Mexican desserts is mixing spicy with sweet. This is not enough spice to overwhelm your taste buds, but it pairs with desserts nearly perfectly. Chocolate and chilis are a favorite because of how they complement and enhance each other. We celebrate this combination with a Ghirardelli chocolate chili brownie with ice cream and rum chocolate drizzle. It is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy, with the savory goodness of rum added in.
  • Sorbet and ice cream: Mexican cuisine is also known for unique ice cream flavors. Like other desserts, it will also contain subtle chili or mole flavors. There is also a tradition of local fruit sorbets and coffee ice cream, like our Cuban coffee ice cream. Many restaurants, including ours, make their own sorbets and ice creams so you can find unique flavors at every place you visit. In addition to our Cuban coffee ice cream, we also offer a mango sorbet, which embraces local flavor and this tradition.
  • Fried ice cream: Despite its popularity, no one is certain as to the origins of fried ice cream—we just know it is a constant request, and our version features Belgian chocolate sauce and chili nut crumbles. It involves a scoop of ice cream encased in breading, which gives you the enjoyable experience of a crispy shell around cold, smooth ice cream. If this is your craving, visit us soon to indulge!
  • Tres leches cake: This traditional favorite is claimed by both Mexican and Nicaraguan cuisines. It is a sponge cake soaked in a mixture of three different milk types: evaporated, sweetened condensed and heavy cream. Soaked cakes date back to 18th century Mexico, and if you want a truly authentic dessert, this is your opportunity to try one!

Enjoy traditional and modern Mexican desserts in Key West, FL at Old Town Mexican Café. We look forward to your visit.

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