Best Choices for Fish Tacos in Key West, FL

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From the traditional Baja style to modern interpretations, fish tacos in Key West, FL are a Mexican favorite. We offer three types of fish tacos at Old Town Mexican Café, and many customers hope to recreate them at home. Since fish tacos are not difficult, this is an easy proposition if you choose the right type of fish! Here are four suggestions for making good fish tacos:

  • Keep toppings simple: Fish does not need much help, and that is true with tacos as well as other recipes. Mild vegetables like cabbage work great with fish tacos, while acidic condiments—like hot peppers, tomatoes or salsa—work better on chicken or red meat taco varieties. There are some exceptions based on the fish you choose, but generally you want to keep fish tacos simple.
  • Mild saltwater fish: If you consume fish tacos in Florida, this is likely what you will eat most of the time. These species are nearby, and visiting Key West is an excellent opportunity to enjoy them. Saltwater varieties like snapper, mahi mahi, grouper, halibut or cod are ideal for fish tacos and a staple for the Baja-style recipes that usually feature breaded fish. The best part with this option is that the flavor of the fish often stands on its own, so you do not have to be excessive with toppings. Cabbage and guacamole are often enough to pull this off. Our traditional Baja recipe includes cabbage, soft corn, rice and pinto beans. We also offer a grilled dolphin option that includes chipotle cream, rice and black beans.
  • Salmon: While far from traditional, salmon is becoming a fish taco favorite. The strong flavor invites spicy rubs that complement it nearly perfectly. We grill the salmon and top it with green chili, rice and beans. You may also bread it, but realize that salmon is often so good on its own that breading can detract from its flavor and quality.
  • Local freshwater fish: Farmed tilapia and catfish can fill a tortilla well. These are local sustainable options that place less pressure on the environment and may be more available to the home cook on a budget. The only disadvantage of these species is a murky, muddy flavor that often requires vibrant toppings. If you like to load your fish tacos with peppers or unique salsa combinations, this may be a good option.

Fish tacos are nearly as diverse as other taco varieties—they are truly what you make of them. The basic premise is to choose the right combination of toppings and fish that will complement rather than overwhelm each other. Read up on different spice combinations, as the spices that work on salmon will likely clash horribly with mahi mahi.

Alternatively, you can visit a traditional Mexican café and enjoy all the fish tacos you desire! Old Town Mexican Café offers a variety of fish tacos in Key West, FL. Choose a traditional Baja style or see what we can do with salmon. The choice is all yours, and we look forward to serving you.

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