Where to Find Authentic Mexican Restaurants

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It’s Friday night, and you and your friends have decided Mexican food is in order for dinner, but the question is, where do you go? From food trucks to family-style restaurants, Key West has a variety of options for Mexican food, but not all of them are authentic. Finding authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

A lot of restaurants may claim to serve “authentic” Mexican cuisine, but when you get there you find that there’s nothing authentic about their menu. Once you’ve had authentic Mexican food, anything less just won’t taste the same. But how do you spot a truly authentic Mexican restaurant before it’s too late? Below are a few tips for spotting authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL:

  • They serve corn tortillas: Mexican tortillas were always made with corn, and corn tortillas are still the preferred option for tacos and other Mexican dishes. Although an authentic Mexican restaurant may offer flour tortillas as an option, corn tortillas should also be part of their menu.
  • Their burritos are not the size of a small child: Most American-Mexican restaurants advertise enormous burritos, but these greasy, sauce-drenched monsters will not be found at a truly authentic Mexican restaurant.
  • There’s more than one salsa: There is a variety of salsas that can be paired with different dishes and flavors to create the perfect combination. An authentic Mexican restaurant will have several salsas to choose from and be able to make recommendations on which salsa to choose.
  • Cilantro is an ingredient in almost everything: Cilantro is an essential part of many authentic Mexican dishes. If you don’t see cilantro in the list of ingredients for most of the dishes on the menu, chances are you’re not at an authentic Mexican restaurant.
  • They offer more than one tequila: Tequila is the signature liquor of Mexico and there are a lot of different brands and options to choose from. An authentic Mexican restaurant will offer a variety of tequila options on their drink menu.
  • They use real cheese: Authentic Mexican cuisine depends on having real cheese with rich flavor. If you see American cheese anywhere on the menu, you’re not eating authentic Mexican food!
  • The veggies are fresh: From pico de gallo to avocado salads and corn dishes, any authentic Mexican restaurant will offer only the freshest veggies.
  • They have a signature margarita: What would a Mexican dinner be without a margarita? Any authentic Mexican restaurant will have a signature margarita, a margarita with their own special twist. Stay away from any place that serves slushy-looking margaritas by the pitcher.

Authentic Mexican restaurants may be hard to find, but once you discover one, it will become your favorite place for having dinner out. For the best authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL, visit Old Town Mexican Café. We offer an extensive menu with all your favorite authentic favorites created by our award-winning chef—original and authentic Mexican recipes from our kitchen to your table, every time!

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