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Come Taste New Mexican Cuisine of the Southwest & Celebrate Life With Us!

Welcome to Old Town Mexican Cafe, home of Chef Gail Brockway’s award winning fresh take on the cuisine of the Southwest inspired by New Mexican foods of Sante Fe and authentic Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking for something extraordinary and an alternative to the typical Tex-Mex style of Mexican food, then look no further than Old Town Mexican Cafe in Key West, FL.

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Experience the Unique Cuisine of New Mexico Here in Key West, FL

We’re not a regular Mexican restaurant, but a New Mexican restaurant. That means we use lots of New Mexican hatch chilis and fresh, local ingredients in our dishes instead of heavy sauces and an abundance of cheese. Chef Gail, our chef, and owner spent years in New Mexico and brings her knowledge of the cuisine of that region to every item on the Old Town Mexican Cafe’s menu. But don’t worry, our restaurant still has Mexican food favorites like tacos, burritos and tostadas, all with Chef Gail’s signature, southwestern flair.

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Come Taste the Difference of Fresh-Mex New Mexican Food in Key West, FL!
  • We use fresh, local ingredients
  • Our Award winning chef, Gail Brockway
  • Sante Fe inspired Chili infused flavors
  • Our signature dessert: Banana Enchiladas
  • Serving Key West, FL authentic Mexican food since 1998
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