Visit a Local Mexican Restaurant in Key West, FL Instead of a Chain

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Our Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL stands out from any chain restaurant you may visit. Old Town Mexican Café creates unique dishes with fresh ingredients and chilies roasted on site, but there are even more benefits to enjoy when you visit our locally owned and operated restaurant. Here are five reasons why you should choose us over a large chain:

  • Creative décor: Chain restaurants present uniform trademarked themes. You can visit a chain in your hometown, fly across the country, eat at the same chain and likely notice few differences, if any. They are about pushing a corporate image rather than one that reflects the character of the local area. When you visit a local restaurant, however, you will see creative design layouts inside, and seasonal themes. You may even see the walls covered with artwork featured by local artists looking to sell their creations. A local restaurant has more flexibility in interior design, and if you visit it twice, it could look different both times!
  • Money stays in the community: When you patronize a local restaurant, that is money that stays in the community. The owner may use profits to remodel, upgrade bathroom fixtures or hire more wait staff, bartenders and sous chefs. This creates new opportunities for community members, from the recently unemployed to a local contractor in a similar situation. A chain restaurant sends profits to a corporate office, where it never benefits the cities and towns where it builds. It is shown that local businesses, including restaurants, contribute to local wage growth and community engagement.
  • Better food: Much like the décor and appearance of a chain restaurant, the food is also standardized. There is no room for a chef to take a creative approach and stray from the menu. In fact, many people who visit a chain restaurant often suspect they could reproduce the dish themselves! Cooking excellent food requires a sense of adventure and passion. Your local restaurant may standardize at times, but if a new flavor or experience expands on a current dish, there is freedom to pursue it.
  • Dedicated service: Local restaurants gain popularity through word of mouth. Food plays a role with this, but so does service. Wait staff, bartenders, chefs and line cooks alike all feel engaged with the success of a local restaurant. They do not just work under a manager; they usually know the owner, who likely hired them due to shared values. Our employees work at Old Town Mexican Café because they love it. It is difficult to find that in an overworked atmosphere at a chain restaurant.
  • Local spices and flavors: Our restaurant integrates local flavors. As mentioned above, you can visit a chain restaurant anywhere in the country and find few differences, including flavoring. Local restaurants better represent the culture of their city or town, and you will discover that with your first taste.

Old Town Mexican Café is a unique Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL. We are open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM. Visit us today for fresh cuisine with distinct local flavor!

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