Six Essential Ingredients Used to Cook the Most Delicious Authentic Mexican Food in Key West, FL

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Tasty, spicy, satisfying—these are a few words that best describe the flavors and textures of authentic Southwest and New Mexican Cuisine. Know that you are definitely not alone if thinking about crunchy carne asada tacos and savory mahi enchiladas gets your mouth watering. Luckily, there are markets and restaurants that offer all your favorite Mexican foods!

Why get familiar with ingredients used in Mexican cooking? Well, maybe you want to stock up on ingredients to create a Mexican meal any day of the week, or perhaps knowing the main kinds of ingredients will make you more adventurous at restaurants. Regardless, let’s look at some of the essential ingredients used to cook delicious authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL:

  • Beans: Beans like black beans and pinto beans are staples in Mexican cooking. All types of beans can be simmered whole or cooked soft and mashed into spreadable refried beans. Don’t forget that Mexican beans get their flavor from soaking in spice mixtures.
  • Cheese: The most ideal cheese for quesadillas is a white cheese called queso Oaxaca. This cheese is made in Mexico and can be purchased at your local Mexican market, or mozzarella may be substituted. Enchilada fans love its salty taste, which is made possible by soft, crumbly queso fresco.
  • Avocado: From loaded vegetarian sandwiches to hearty salads to stuffed tacos, avocados are a Mexican stable that add a rich flavor and buttery texture to a variety of Mexican foods. Slice it or mash it, or sprinkle half an avocado with tangy spices and eat as is!
  • Crema: Crema is a Mexican version of sour cream. Use it in cold or hot sauces and foods to add a pleasantly tangy flavor, and a couple dollops will give tacos an extra kick. Crema is a must-have, so hit up your local grocery store or Mexican market to stock up.
  • Hot peppers: Two characteristics of authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL are hot and spicy, which is what many Mexican food fanatics crave. On the hotter end of Mexican hot peppers are chipotles. Smoke dried jalapeños are popular canned because they last a long time in the fridge after opening. Mix into homemade salsas and marinades, and ask for it when dining out. Poblanos are a milder chili pepper best fire-roasted and peeled before added to Mexican foods like quesadillas and salsas. Fun fact: poblanos roasted, peeled and cut into strips are called “rajas.”
  • Tortillas: Fresh, soft and warm corn and flour tortillas—need we say more? Pick up a fresh batch of handmade in-store tortillas from your go-to Mexican foods market. Get the ones with the fewest ingredients for healthy tacos, burritos and quesadillas, or warm them up and eat plain.

When you don’t have time to whip up a traditional homemade Mexican dish for lunch or dinner, or you are looking forward to a night out on the town, head on over to Old Town Mexican Cafe! From meals to dessert, our menu is filled with the best tasting authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL. Visit us any day of the week!

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