Top Health Benefits of Fresh-Made Mexican Food in Key West, FL

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Like any type of food, Mexican food is easily made healthy when you choose the right ingredients and portion size. You’ll also want to consider the way your food is cooked—oil fried, pan fried, baked or broiled. The good news is that you don’t have to be a nutritionist to eat right every day! Whether cooking Mexican cuisine from scratch at home or eating out at your favorite restaurant, you’ll make healthier choices when you know what ingredients are good for your body and keep nutritious alternatives in mind.

Here are the top health benefits of eating fresh and authentic Mexican food in Key West, FL.

Vitamins and minerals

Many of the essential nutrients our bodies need can be found in fruits and vegetables—like lettuce, tomatoes and peppers—which are all found in Mexican food. Important vitamins and minerals are crucial to maintaining good health, and since each vegetable offers different nutrients, your goal should be to consume a variety of veggies daily. Add tomato and onion salsa to tacos to get your vitamin C for the day, or toss in some avocado for a healthy dose of plant-based fats, fiber and potassium. Getting enough vitamins and minerals means a boost to your immune system and a strong body to fight off infection.


A lot of authentic Mexican food is not complete without a bit of heat. From spicy peppers to mild chilies, this is the seasoning most of us think of when it comes to Mexican cooking. Choose from super-hot chipotle peppers, spicy jalapeños and mild poblanos, not only to give a kick to salsas, enchiladas and burritos, but to improve your health as well. The hot peppers in Mexican dishes contain capsaicin, a compound that helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improves circulation and relieves congestion brought on by the common cold.


Protein is needed to build healthy muscles and tissue in the body. Without adequate protein intake, you’ll have low energy, which can impact brain function. Luckily, there is a myriad of protein sources found in Mexican food, including protein from animals—like fish, beef, chicken, pork and cheese (which also supplies calcium). The key to eating healthy animal protein is to choose lean meats over fried, and to limit cheese. Mexican food also provides a good source of healthy plant-based protein, like black beans and avocados.


You need to eat fiber at every meal to create a balanced, healthy plate to avoid problems like digestive issues and constipation. If you love Mexican food, then rest assured you’re getting the recommended amount of daily fiber—especially if you eat black beans and pinto beans, both of which are staples in Mexican cooking. Shoot for a half-cup serving of beans with your Mexican meal for both fiber and protein.

Eating better and healthier is a lifestyle change. And the change is simple—make the conscience decision to choose healthy alternatives or substitutions to build your favorite Mexican food in Key West, FL. For the best tasting Mexican meals this side of Florida, grab a table and order away at Old Town Mexican Cafe!

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