Four Elements Customers Want in a Mexican Restaurant in Key West, FL

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Pretty much everybody loves Mexican food. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy the perfect pairing of chips and salsa, or the rich red sauce topping a hearty order of chicken enchiladas? In Florida, there are an abundance of different restaurants offering their take on the Mexican classics. But it can be difficult to separate the subpar from the four-star choices with so many different options out there. It takes a great Mexican restaurant to really master the tasty, spicy and warming flavors found in this cuisine. But it’s not just about the food—you also want a place that will welcome you with great service and a friendly atmosphere.

It’s easy to discern the good from the bad, though. As a customer, be on the lookout for these four key elements to help you find the best Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL:

  • Fresh ingredients: Delicious Mexican cuisine should be filled with only the freshest ingredients. This means the tortillas and chips are always warm from being freshly made. The flavorful chilies should always be roasted in-house, instead of come packaged. Vegetables should be vibrant and fresh. Great Mexican flavors are achieved only by using the freshest ingredients. Don’t bother with restaurants that rely on canned beans or frozen seafood.
  • Authentic dishes: Tex-Mex is readily available throughout Florida, but this isn’t the Mexican food you want. Usually, these places serve Americanized versions of dishes lacking both flavor and inspiration. Instead, look for a Mexican restaurant that prides itself on its authenticity. The chef should be trained in creating authentic Mexican and southwest cuisine. An authentic restaurant will only serve food that’s layered and sophisticated, full of fresh ingredients, with everything made in-house.
  • Great service: A top Mexican restaurant is only as good as its service. You should always feel welcome and appreciated, from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. The waiter or waitress will be friendly, helpful and attentive to ensure you have the best experience when you are in the restaurant. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your meal and your overall experience. After ordering, the food should come out quickly and still be warm and appear appetizing. Bad service, unfriendly attitudes and an unwillingness to provide any assistance are all signs of a restaurant that doesn’t deserve your business.
  • Longevity: A restaurant has to be really good to stay open for many years. You don’t build a successful business on bad food and disappointing customer service. Only the best can build a loyal customer base that will support them after the initial intrigue has faded. Look for a Mexican restaurant that has been open for at least a decade to find a winner.

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