Why Authentic Mexican Food Is Always Going to Beat Out the Big Name Franchises

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It’s a Friday night after a long day at work and there’s only one thing you are craving—Mexican food. But you are faced with a dilemma, with so many different restaurants in the area serving Mexican food. You can take your pick between the big chains, food trucks or more traditional family-style restaurants. This isn’t a hard decision, though, as the authentic choice will beat out the competitors every single time. The big name franchises just can’t compare with the fresh ingredients, authentic recipes and tantalizing flavors only found at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why authentic Mexican food should always be your top choice:

  • Fresh ingredients: The word “fresh” seems to have a different meaning for many Mexican chains. While they may claim their ingredients are right off the vine, that generally isn’t the case. In most cases, their foods are shipped frozen or vacuum-sealed from a distribution center that is often hundreds of miles away. With an authentic Mexican restaurant, you know they are only using the freshest vegetables, meats and cheeses. A great Mexican restaurant will even make their corn tortillas in-house!
  • Authentic dishes: You likely won’t find a deep fried gordita on the menu at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL. This staple is a popular Americanized favorite, but it’s not authentic. Instead, you’ll see authentic dishes that will get your taste buds tingling, such as savory fish tacos or the deliciously hearty carne adovoda. These dishes are packed full of big flavors that the Americanized versions just can’t compare to.
  • True Mexican flavors: Not every dish should be unbearably spicy. And it doesn’t have to be deep fried or smothered in cheese. Authentic Mexican food is full of robust flavors that are sure to delight your stomach. Instead, you can expect to find the intense flavors of chimichurri sauce or the unmistakable zest of the lime.
  • All homemade: Nothing is worse than going to take a sip of a refreshing looking margarita you just ordered only to discover it just tastes like the sickeningly sweet flavor of the margarita mix! You can avoid this fate at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Instead, they’ll use a mix of fresh fruit, top shelf tequila and simple syrup for the perfect mix. You can also expect to find the sauces and sopa del dia made in-house.
  • More options: You shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to Mexican food. Instead of sticking to the one salsa available, you can pick your favorite out of the countless options available only at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Key West, FL. Your server will be more than happy to help you select the best chipotle or tomatillo salsa to complement your entrée.

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